When you write an essay, you have to think of it as a journey that will guide the reader from the beginning to the end without causing confusion.

Essay structuring rules are not there to make your work harder. In fact, it’s quite the opposite – they will make the process of writing much easier by guiding you through the different parts and indicating the main components they should contain.
In the continuation, we will give you valuable tips on essay structure, which will help you make your writing clearer and more captivating.

General tips on essay structure

1. Remember the structure formula by heart!

Every essay has to follow this basic structure: introduction, body, and conclusion. Each of these paragraphs has to be properly structured on its own, so you have to pay attention to their meaning and place within the essay’s structure.

2. Think of unique ideas!

Before you start researching, it’s best to brainstorm for ideas and make the reading and planning process much simpler. If you know what you’re after before you rush into exploring sources and reading through them, the entire essay will turn out more unique and focused.
Instead of conceptualizing your ideas according to the sources you find, you should look for the right sources to support your own ideas.

3. You need a plan!

You cannot follow a specific essay structure if you don’t have a plan. Essay planning doesn’t involve much work, but that time you invest into planning will save you a lot of time and nerves throughout the process.
By planning the essay structure, you will include all important points and keep your focus as you write.

4. Ask questions, offer definitions and make comparisons!

In order to get the reader involved, you should impose questions that will inspire them to think and wonder what answers you will provide. Remember; the points you make have to be supported by facts, so make sure to offer relevant definitions and quotations.
Make comparisons that will clarify your standings – that will spice up the essay structure and expand the boundaries of the standard “introduction, body, conclusion” form.

Avoid the 5 most common pitfalls

1. Don’t determine the structure of your essay according to the structure of the sources you’re using! Think of a way to structure the paper before you hunt for the right references.

2. Don’t make an obviously true thesis statement!

3. Don’t make the discussion too broad. You don’t have to include all ideas you have!

4. Don’t force yourself into writing the paper even when you know that the outcome won’t be great. Sometimes the wisest decision is to buy essay from a professional company.

5. Don’t be boring! Guiding yourself to a limited essay structure doesn’t have to limit your arguments!

Conclusion: Super secrets on how to improve the essay structure

1. Figurative language is welcomed

The structure of academic writing may lead you to think that you need to express yourself in a boring, most usual manner, but that’s not how impressive writing gets done. Don’t be shy from using figurative language, because images and metaphors have the potential of making a powerful impression to the reader. You have to make your implications vivid, but make sure you don’t go overboard with these expressions.

2. The title is a finishing touch!

Instead of starting the process with the title, you should leave it as the last step. The structure and content of your paper will lead you to the perfect title, which shouldn’t be too long or too vague. The title should make the reader interested in what they are about to read, so make sure you include words that will indicate the thesis.

3. The thesis must be focused!

If your thesis is too general and can be proven by providing only few examples, you’re not on the right track. The thesis of your paper has to be strictly defined, analytical and specific. Writing a strong thesis is probably the most difficult, but also the most important part of completing impressive essays.

4. There is an easy way to deal with all this stress: buy essay online!

What’s the biggest secret of many students who excel in all classes? They buy essays online. You should definitely do your best to write your own papers whenever that’s possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rely on professional help and buy essay online when that’s the only way for you to get a good grade.
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