There isn’t a student who hasn’t faced troubles with essay writing at some point of their studies. Professors don’t like plain language, but they also don’t like forced “academic-sounding” words. How can you find the right balance and complete a demanding essay within an extremely short deadline?
Our tips will help you work on your skills, but remember: essay writing talent doesn’t come unexpectedly; you have to practice a lot and devote yourself to developing academic writing skills.

1. You need your own ideas, but they have to be supported by evidence

The success of your essay is dependent upon the uniqueness of your argument. When writing academic papers, you shouldn’t try to avoid plagiarism issues just because you would get in trouble for them; you should make sure to think of unique ideas and present the topic from a different point of view.
However, there is one more thing to be careful about: your arguments have to be supported by verifiable facts. Before writing the essay, you have to conduct a thorough research and use that material as a reference that will support your ideas.

2. Manage your time!

If you want to write an impressive essay, you have to start working on it as soon as possible. The less time you have, the more stressful the process will get.
Time management is not as easy as it sounds while at college, because you cannot just sit and start writing the paper as soon as you professor assigns it. With so many other papers waiting to be written and exams coming with the speed of light, you’ll have to find a smart way to organize your schedule and try to accomplish everything with greatest efficiency.

3. Be yourself!

Academic writing standards don’t allow you to use street language and make random expressions, but that can take you to another wrong direction: trying too hard to sound smart. Take a moment to think about your interests associated to the topic and try to implement your own personality into the paper.
Don’t think of what you professor would like to hear, but think of something you would love to write about. That’s the only way to write a captivating essay. Although you often get topics that are just too boring to think about, you should always do your best and find something that interests you. Even when you decide to buy top essay, you have to make sure to provide the writer with your own standings on the matter, because it’s important for the paper to express your own individuality.

4. Keep the content focused!

Every single sentence in your paper should be associated to the thesis statement. The best way to keep the content within a frame is to create an outline before you start writing. You will get many ideas when brainstorming on the topic, but that doesn’t mean you should incorporate all of them into the paper.
You arguments have to be specific and related to the thesis.

5. Masterpieces are not created on the first try!

You will have to improve the first draft of your paper few times before it’s ready to be submitted. When writing the first draft, you just want to get your ideas out and you can’t worry too much about style issues, grammar and spelling. You can’t allow yourself to present an incomplete version of the paper if you’re after a high grade.
If you’re not sure of the quality of your essay, don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion. Your parents, friends and professors can give you valuable points that could make the paper much better.

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