• Create a synergy between the energy and passion of the young Nigerian and the experience of the old Nigerian to build a symbiotic system that pushes forward good governance and qualitative and energetic leadership in an atmosphere of selfless service.

  • Promote and encourage Civic Engagement and altruistic political participation across the country through the following mediums:

a) Membership engagement

b) Door to door dialogue and conversations

c) Community Dialogues

d) National Conference

e) Symposiums and talk-shops

f) Leadership Mentoring platform for young and aspiring leaders

g) Unite Nigeria concerts across the Country to build unity.

h) Engaging the Nigerian citizen on the way forward for Nigeria

i) Online polls and survey to gauge public expectation

j) Social media connectivity – engage in nation building discussions on social media

k) Blog

l) Social media campaigns & competitions for the old and young.

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